The growth-promoting role of synchronized mutual regressions in deep psychotherapy

Starting from his recent book "Right Brain Psychotherapy", Allan Schore will illustrate the fundamental role of temporary synchronized and reciprocal regressions -defined as the process of returning to a previous stage of development, an original place, so to speak, an origin- in deep psychotherapy. At times of increased right hemisphere activation during the session, when the patient is in the midst of a dysregulated affective state, the therapist in a state of neurobiological attunement at the body-implicit level initiates a form of regression, a state of "reversible left hemisphere dominance toward the right hemisphere." As the relationship co-constructed by the two protagonists develops, the therapist, sensitive to even the most subtle modulations of the patient to enter and exit these dysregulated affective states, learns how to fluidly synchronize this transition from one hemispheric dominance to the other, together with the patient. This synchronization between the two right hemispheres of one and the other of the participants in the therapeutic dialogue allows communication and regulation not only of conscious affects but of unconscious (bodily and implicit) affects. Working with the unconscious repetitions (re-enactments) of childhood relational trauma and dissociated affects, such neuroplastic changes are vital to the patient's adaptive progressions toward the ability to process and transform typical right hemisphere emotions, relational skills, and stress regulation systems. As much as the paradoxical process of regression may reflect a state of clinical deterioration, it may also represent a turning point and a creative return to the foundations and origins that can facilitate powerful reorganization, leading to better integration, healthy individuation, and increased adaptive capacities for play and intimacy.



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The growth-promoting role of synchronized mutual regressions in deep psychotherapy
Allan Shore
Durata Modulo
4h 00m
Allan Shore
Allan N. Schore is an American psychotherapist and researcher in the field of neuropsychology. His research has focused on affective neuroscience, neuropsychiatry, trauma theory, developmental psychology, attachment theory, pediatrics, child mental health, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and… continua
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